Nina, sitting down for her infusion, using her phone
Nina, sitting down for her infusion, using her phone


actual LEQEMBI patient

Make LEQEMBI Companion your treatment companion

LEQEMBI Companion is a website experience filled with useful information, engaging resources, and helpful tips to return to throughout treatment. Use it during each infusion, between appointments, or whenever you need a little extra support.

Discover LEQEMBI Companion™
Discover LEQEMBI Companion™

Bring your mobile phone or tablet and a set of
headphones to each infusion appointment, and
it’ll be there to help throughout your treatment.

QR code that links to the site

Or scan this code on your
mobile phone or tablet

With LEQEMBI Companion, you can:

Play games with LEQEMBI Companion™


a selection of games to enjoy at your appointments.

Relax with LEQEMBI Companion™


with soothing sounds and calming meditations created to be used during your infusions.

Learn with LEQEMBI Companion™


useful information to help answer questions you may have about LEQEMBI treatment.